Dermatology Practice

Emil-Fuchs-Platz 1
D-65428 Rüsselsheim

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Tel. 06142 - 63033

Business activities

Precaution and skin cancer

  • Consultation for skin cancer prevention
  • Preventive medical examinations for skin cancer early recognition
  • Surface illumination microscopy
  • Digital video surface illumination microscopy
  • Ambulatory (outpatients) operations
  • Photo-dynamic therapy
  • Skin cancer aftercare

Phlebology (Venology)

  • Diagnostics of Vein Diseases
  • Sclerotisation of couperose [spider veins]
  • Laser therapy of couperose [spider veins]
  • Conservative treatment of vein diseases
  • Treatment of Calf-muscle syndromes
  • Treatment of illnesses of the lymphatic systems


  • Skin testing to the allergy diagnostics
  • Serum diagnostics (specific anti-bodies)
  • Consultation to the deficiency allergies
  • Treatment of allergy symptoms
  • Specific immune therapy (Hypo /Desensitization)

Dermatology aesthetics

  • Skin care consultation
  • Excision of cosmetically disturbing skin changes
  • Ambulatory operations and laser therapy
  • Scar treatment
  • Peeling-treatment with acne
  • Peeling-treatment with folds
  • Wrinkle treatment with Botulinus-toxin A
  • Subcutaneous injection with tissue filler/extender material

Other achievements

  • Acne consulting hours
  • Hair consulting hours
  • Durable hair removal with laser
  • Treatment of excessive sweating
  • Painless wart removal with water-filtered infra-red light
  • Medical foot care
  • Acupuncture